Mizner Fountain

Date of Project: 2015

Name of Project: Mizner Memorial Fountain – West Palm Beach, Florida

General Contractor: Hendrick Brothers Construction

Description: The work consisted of the cleaning, conservation and repair of four original ‘Hippocamp’ (water horse) sculptures which are features of this historically significant fountain which is the main feature of The Town Square Memorial Plaza. The sculptures were retained and conserved as part of the recent restoration and refurbishment of the entire town square. The main fountain was replicated in new material and the original Hippocamps were reinstalled within it.

The sculptures consist of a cast concrete material designed to replicate the local Florida keystone limestone. The project involved the sculptures being shipped to Clifford Restoration Limited’s facilities in Canada where they were cleaned, conserved and repaired. The sculptures were subsequently shipped back to Florida for reinstatement. The conservation treatments and repairs consisted of documentation, careful cleaning, replication of missing or badly damaged elements, repair of surfaces, anti-corrosion treatment of embedded reinforcement and mineral silicate coating of entire sculptures.

Trinity Church

Date of Project: Phase 1 - July 24, 2014

Name of Project: Phase 1 – Trinity St. Paul's

Church proposed upgrades / Phase 2 – Tafelmusik Phase 2 Renovations

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited

Prime Architect and Historical Architect (if applicable): E.R.A.

Description of the type of Project undertaken: Adaptive reuse of space to convert worship area to performance space Brief description of the history of the building and/or type of building being constructed: Tasks Clifford will undertake on this project:

Phase 1

  • Installation of inspired heritage painted ceiling

  • Installation of new performance stage and Acoustical wood walls / doors

  • Hardwood flooring and orchestra seating

  • New Electrical Service and communication upgrades

Phase 2

  • New box office

  • Ground work for network and A.v. system

  • New doors and flooring

  • New railings and handi cap accessibility

  • New millwork and cabinetry

RC Harris

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, 2701 Queen Street E., Toronto – Envelope Rehabilitation

Project Completed for: City of Toronto, attention

Architect: CH2M Hill, attention: John Mills

Property Designation: Ontario Heritage Act and Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Substantial Completion: 2013

CRL Project Team:

Project Description / Scope of Work: We have worked on three projects at R.C. Harris over the past 6 years and have recently substantially completed our 4th. The most notable being the current phase of which we are the GC. On this phase we self-performed the exterior brick and stone masonry restoration, interior brick and marble restoration, miscellaneous metals and flashing, wood window and door restoration. In addition, as the GC we coordinated all other facets of the construction industry. As one of Toronto’s largest and active water filtration plants: coordination has been the key to our success, ensuring the safe, uninterrupted and continued operation during all activities.

Project Statement: To improve the existing building envelope of this historical water treatment plant built in the 1930’s. Our scope of work entailed brick replacement on all buildings on the property, pointing of deteriorated mortar joints at both brick and stone masonry, waterproofing, flashings and vapor barriers, restoration of the existing Queenston limestone units including plastic repairs, Dutchman repairs and pin & crack repairs, installation of new windows and doors and security upgrades, copper roof replacement was also completed as part of the project. As the plant is an active/operational institution which had to be maintained in order to keep the flow of 47% of the GTA’s water supply, we had to coordinate all work around the City’s schedule and operations and work together as a team to complete the project.

Bridgepoint Hospital

Date of Project: 2010 - 2013

Name of Project: Bridgepoint Hospital Redevelopment and Old Don Jail Restoration

General Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada

Prime Architect and Historical Architect (if applicable): Stantec Architecture / KPMB Architects / HDR / Diamond and Schmitt / +VG Architects, The Ventin Group Ltd.

Description: The major Restoration project consisted of masonry cleaning, cut-out and repointing of mortar joints, Dutchman repairs, Jahn repairs, dismantle and rebuild of the main entrance stairs, salvage and resetting of the interior stone floor, installation of the new ventilator towers, interior structural modifications, new clear story skylight, carpentry restoration on the existing wood windows and doors.

Clifford Restoration were also contracted to survey, document, relocate and conserve the 85‐foot long glass tile mosaic wall mural entitled ‘Life’ by Kitchener artist Margit Gatterbauer which was installed on the ground floor foyer of the Bridgepoint Hospital (formerly Riverdale Hospital) located at 14 St. Matthews Road, (Broadview Ave.) Toronto, Ontario.

Pickering College

Date of Project: 2012

Name of Project: Pickering College Entrance Restoration

General Contractor:

Prime Architect and Historical Architect (if applicable): GBCA Architects

Description: The Original Home of the late Ted Rogers; our scope was to restore the main entrance. Included in our scope of work was a new structural support slab, granite clad stair and formed metal handrail. We also completed the masonry pillar, stair side walls and cap restoration with a lime-wash coating. The wood soffit and cornice were repaired using Dutchman and the paint blended to match. Our scope also included perimeter building excavation with waterproofing and drainage upgrades.

U of T Munk

Date of Project: 2010 - 2012

Name of Project: Munk School of Global Affairs – Exterior Restoration Through-out the Complex

Historical Architect: E.R.A.

Description: Originally named the Dominion Meteorological Building, 315 Bloor Street W. was designed by Toronto architects Burke and Horwood. Completed in 1908-1909, it was constructed to serve as home to the Dominion Meteorological Service and as a meteorological observation centre. In the 1930s the Service notably developed a 24-hour weather service that was instrumental during the Second World War in the training of pilots to identify weather patterns rather than rely on radio communications. After the war the Observatory continued to operate as a meteorological observation centre well into the latter half of the 20th Century. On June 20, 1973, the Dominion Meteorological Building was added to the City of Toronto’s Inventory of Heritage Properties for its architectural contextual qualities

The Munk School of Global Affairs expanded its campus to 315 Bloor Street West. The building is fully restored, renovated, and opened in January of 2012.

Work completed by Clifford:
  • Interior Masonry Alterations

  • Exterior Façade Restoration and Cleaning

  • Main Entrance Bronze Lettering

  • Boundary Fence Restoration

Lister Block Hamilton

Date of Project: 2010 - 2011

Name of Project: Lister Block Rehabilitation
28 – 44 James Street North, Hamilton Ontario

General Contractor: Greenferd Construction

Prime Architect and Historical Architect: Julian Smith Architect

The current Lister Block was erected on the site of the old Lister Chambers, built by Joseph Lister in 1886 as one of Hamilton's first multipurpose commercial office/retail buildings. When the Chambers were ravaged by fire in 1923, in less than a year the current block was built over the ruins to house a wide range of merchants, businesses, professionals, and agencies.

The Block, designed by the architectural firm of Bernard Prack in the Classical Renaissance style, was built by Pigott Construction Company who took only 37 1/2 working days to pour the reinforced concrete skeleton of the seven storey building. The latest construction technology was used to provide up-to-date qualities of fire resistance, ventilation, and natural light.

The new Lister Block had a double storey base with large retail glazing on both levels. The lower two storeys and the cornice were decorated in white terracotta, with fluted pilasters, medallions and cartouches, and projecting cornices. The storefronts, along James and King William streets, had expansive glass bay windows with copper and bronze detailing, decorative steel grilles, and leaded transoms. The intermediate storeys boasted wood double-hung windows with copper-alloy transom panels, and dark red rug-finish brick on the pilasters. The building was crowned with an elaborate white terracotta cornice above the sixth floor.

Inside, the first floor L shaped arcade, with its marble floor and arched ceiling with decorative plasterwork, housed a number of store fronts with large glass windows and decorative wood trim. The skylights provided natural light to the interior, and so strolling past the stores had an outdoor feel to it. The second floor arcade in a reverse L shaped design was reached by north and south staircases, with steel stringers, newels and balusters, oak handrails, and terrazzo treads and landings.

Clifford Restoration Limited was contracted to assist and define the scope of work and perform treatments required. The exterior scope included masonry restoration, glazed architectural terra cotta repair and replacement, window restoration, exterior storefront restoration, and the installation of flashings to protect the façade form further deterioration. The interior glazed wood storefronts required extensive restoration including reconstruction from archival documents carefully researched for accuracy, skylights restored and marble floor restoration.

26 Berkeley Street

Date of Project: 2011

Name of Project: 26 Berkeley Street, Toronto

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited
Prime Architect and Historical Architect: Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd.

This project included the replacement of the roofing, structural timber repair, gutter and cornice metalwork and flashings, window and door restoration, extensive masonry (brick and stone) repair and cleaning of the north façade of the building. Traditional materials and techniques were utilized and the project included the manufacture of new custom molded red brick detail units to match the original material for replacement.

Coliseum Complex CNE

Date of Projects: 2010

Name of Project: Direct Energy Centre (formerly named: National Trade Centre / CNE Coliseum Complex)

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited

Prime Architect and Historical Architect (if applicable): ERA Architects Inc.

Description: Clifford Restoration Limited was originally hired by PCL in 1997 to restore the Coliseum Complex as part of the New National Trade Centre to be constructed adjacent to the Historic Building. This work included the reconstruction of the south façade masonry, and replication of the historic windows and doors which had been previously covered up by steel siding. The Façade is now an interior elevation inside the Heritage Hall of the Direct Energy Centre. ERA was also the Historical Architect for the work in 1997.

In 2010 Clifford Restoration Limited was once again contracted to perform maintenance of the Interior and Exterior of the masonry structure including steel window restoration.

Bradley Museum Heritage

Date of Project: 2010

Name of Project: Bradley Museum Heritage maintenance and exterior upgrades

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited
Prime Architect and Historical Architect: McGillivray Architect

Description: The Bradley Museum features three buildings that showcase the history of the former village of Clarkson, which was settled in 1808. Clarkson became part of Mississauga in 1968. The Bradley House is associated with the Bradley family and represents the lifestyles of some of Clarkson's earliest settlers in the 19th century. The house built in circa 1830 is the second home of the Bradley Family. The Bradley House is a well-preserved example of a salt-box style farmhouse. The simple gable structure with its roof-line extension represents many settlers' homes. It has a neoclassical flair with box-like symmetry, a hip roof and simple mouldings. The entrance is also designed in typical neoclassical style with decorative pilasters and a transom.

MaRS Centre Restoration

Date: 2009

Job Name: MaRS Center

Job Description: Exterior masonry restoration

Architects: Adamson Associates | Architects and The Ventin Group

Notes: MaRS center Heritage Façade 101 Collage Street

Building C Historical Façade originally built in 1913 was recently restored as part of a large development project. The façade was Jos cleaned throughout the college street frontage and the brick, sandstone and terra cotta elements were repaired and/or replaced with new and/or salvaged material as required to ensure the longevity of the historic masonry structure.

York Hotel

Date: 2009

Job Name: The Bow Project York Hotel

Job Description: Exterior façade dismantle and rebuild

Architects: Foster and Partners

Zeidler Partnership Architects

Notes: A new 58 Story mixed use Tower and complex is currently being constructed in the center of Downtown Calgary. As part of the project Clifford was given the Task to completely document, Dismantle and Salvage the Historic York Hotel Building.

The brick was dismantled and palletized while the cast in place concrete freeze and base was carefully cut free from the existing structure and will be cleaned and restored.

Two of the Historical Façades will be rebuilt at a later date.

Union Station Pedestrian Bridge

Date: 2009

Job Name: Union Station

Job Description: Pedestrian bridge reconstruction

Architects: Trow Associates Inc.

Notes: Currently working to reconstruct the beauty of the pedestrian bridge at this historic city land mark. Union Station is the busiest Travel corridor in Toronto which makes this a Challenging project to undertake.

100 Yorkville Avenue

historical façade restoration

Date: 2009

Name: 100 Yorkville Avenue

Architects: Hariri Pontarini Architect and ERA Architects
Historical Façade Restoration
The structure was stabilized and moved onto the sidewalk to allow for the new residential/retail building to be constructed. Now back in its original location, the façade will be restored to its original beauty. As well, the west return rebuilt to replicate the original fabric.

Casa Loma

repairs & restoration

Project: January 2009

Name of Project: Casa Loma

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited Prime Architect/Historical Architect: Taylor Hazel Architects (Prime Architect)
Description of the type of project undertaken:
Structural repairs to the northeast elevation and rehabilitation to the exterior and interior of the conservatory building.
Originally designed by Architect E.J. Lennox and built from natural and man-made stone, the castle is going through an extensive restoration face-lift. Clifford has successfully been awarded numerous phases of the building envelope stabilization on an ongoing basis since 1994. The work included:
-Salvage and rebuild of existing façade and structures such as the proponent chimneys incorporating new technologies for re-enforcement during the rebuild stage
-Repair and replacement of existing sandstone and Roman Stone units
-Restoration of existing steel windows and conservatory skylight
-Careful removal of harmful cementitious coating applied on the masonry elements during the 1970s
-Restoration of sound stones applying Jahn material to replicate original appearance and profile.

CNE Automotive Building

masonry restoration

Date: 2009

Name: C.N.E Automotive Building

Architects: Bailey James Architects
Masonry Restoration
Restoration at the Automotive Building on the CNE grounds is a time-sensitive project due to the numerous scheduled events during the construction season. The work included masonry repair on the interior of the building. However, the exterior required great attention. The work included:
-Parapet stabilization and helical tie installation
-Cintec Anchor installation
-Parapet dismantle and rebuild
-North entrance dismantle, supply new roman stone units and rebuild
-Stabilization of the eight Juliet balconies that project from the facçde

MaRS Centre West Wing Restoration

Date: 2009

Job Name: MaRS Centre – West Wing Masonry Repairs

Job Description: Façade Restoration

Architects: Bregman & Hamann Architects


Restoration and reconstruction of the existing Façade

Hard Rock Café

terra cotta restoration

Date: 2009

Name: Hard Rock Café - Toronto

Architects: ERA Architects
Terra Cotta Restoration
Restoration and cleaning of the terra cotta façade. As well, re-instating the cornice previously removed with new units anchored to the existing structure.

Guelph Civic Centre


Date: 2007/2008

Name: Guelph Civic Center

Architects: Moriyama & Teshima Planners and Goldsmith Borgal & Co. Ltd Architects
Guelph's new city hall incorporates the historic Winter Fair all and the city's fire hall, originally built in 1899. This complex was converted into Guelph Memorial Gardens (1948) and has been through several renovations in its time. As part of the current project, the north heritage wall (Winter Fair Wall) of the gardens was spared and Clifford as given the task to restore the old wall to its original Grandeur.

National Ballet Maitland Street

Date: 2007/06

Job Name: National Ballet School

Job description: Project Grande Jete Maitland street Reno

Architects: GBCA & KPMB

The Maitland street renovations; a new studio and residence were carefully added on the historic site.
Work included:

  • Store interior feature walls

  • Exterior Masonry

  • Interior block partitions

Karl King Bandshell

structural restoration

DATE: 2006/2007

NAME: Karl King Bandshell

Karl King Bandshell, located in beautiful Oleson Park, Fort Dodge is one of Iowa's most significant structures.
The bandshell houses among other venues an outdoor concert series, which begun in the summer of 1921 after Karl King arrived in Fort Dodge. This concrete structure was completely restored with great care to preserve its heritage significance.

National Ballet Academic Building


Job Name: National Ballet School

Job Description: Project Grand Jeté Academic Building

Architects: GBCA & KPMB


The restoration Projects were completed in two phases the “Jarvis Site” involved the restoration of two historic structures.

The North Field House (1854) and Havergal Building (1898)

The exterior of the two buildings were restored to preserve the original design while incorporating them into the new structure.

Restoration Work involved:

  • Jos cleaning the façade

  • Provide connections for the new building

  • Reinstate previous alterations to original conditions

  • Misc. repairs repointing throughout

  • restoration of the existing wood windows

CHUM TV Building

façade restoration

Date: 2003-2007

Name: Chum TV - 299 Queen Street West

Architects: Quadrangle Architects Ltd & ERA Architects
Originally designed by Burl, Burke, Norwood and White in 1913. Restoration of this historic building took place in phases from 2001-2008 and included:
-Cleaning the façade
-Terra cotta restoration and replacement
-Salvage and rebuild of sections of the parapets and building apron course
-Careful removal of harmful cementitious coating applied on the masonry elements during the 1970's

McMichael Gallery

Date of Project: 2005

Name of Project: McMichael Gallery

General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited

Conservation of the stone sculpture that is located among many others on the 100 acres of the McMichael grounds in the City of Kleinburg, Ontario.

Toronto Old City Hall

Date: 2001-2003

Job Name: Toronto Old City Hall

Job Description: Exterior Restoration

Architects: The Ventin Group

Notes: Toronto’s third city hall officially opened September 18 1899. Designed by Toronto Architect E.J.Lennox

Major restoration has been performed over the past few years in several phases including.

  • Complete refurbishment of the front entrance portico

  • Clock tower restoration and resurrection of the tower gargoyles

  • Rebuild / resurrection of the gables and chimneys around the perimeter of the building.

  • Seismic upgrades inside the belfry and observation deck of the clock tower

165-167 Church Street

exterior façade restoration & rebuild

Date: 2003

Name: 165-167 Church Street

Architects: Burka Varacalli Architects
Exterior Façade Restoration and Rebuild
Three buildings were restored at this site at 165-167 Church Street. The façade at 167 Church Street was retained and restored in place while the other two were carefully documented and due to the extensive deterioration, were rebuilt to match the existing architecture.

11 ST. Joseph Street Building

dismantle & rebuild masonry façade

Date: 2002/03

Name: 11 St Joseph

Architects: Young & Wright Architects Inc. and Taylor I Knell Architects Ltd.

Dismantle and Rebuild Masonry Façade
Glen Grove Suites and Condominium Residences is located near Yonge and Bloor Streets. Recently developed, we carefully integrated the historic façade, which was cataloged and dismantled to allow for the new structure to be constructed. The façade was then reconstructed in its original location on the property.

Niagara Casino

Date: 2003

Job Name: Niagara Falls Casino/Gateway

Job Description: Masonry restoration and cleaning

Architects: Bregman & Hamann and Zeidler Partnership

Notes: The historic Hydro building wings were documented and salvaged to be rebuilt as part of the new casino complex while the center portion was retained in place and restored during the construction of the new building.

Royal Conservatory of Music

Date: 2002

Job Name: Royal Conservatory of Music

Job Description: Portico Restoration

Architects: KPMB Architects and GBCA Architects

Notes: This restoration work was completed in several phases. With its last phase incorporating a new concert hall in the rear of the complex

Restoration phases included
  • Front entrance portico

  • Mazzoleni concert hall

  • South elevation of McMaster Hall restoration and retrofit with the new wing

  • Restoration of the McMaster hall spire towering over the historic building.

U of T Cellular & Biomolecular Research Centre

Date: 2002

Job Name: University of Toronto Cellular & Bimolecular Research center

Job Description: Masonry Cleaning “job” and restoration

Architects: Architects Alliance and ERA Architects

Notes: Now part of the interior the Masonry Façade cleaned and restored as well as restoration to the existing wood windows.

Osgoode Hall Historic Fence

Date: 2001

Job Name: Osgoode Hall Historic Fence

Job Description: Store and Cast Iron Restoration
Architects: Taylor Hazell Architects

Notes: Ongoing Restoration of the Cast Iron Fence assembly and sandstone base.

Casa Loma Stables

exterior masonry restoration

Date: 2001

Name: Casa Loma Stables

Architects: Taylor Hazell Architects
Exterior Masonry Restoration
Extensive removal and dismantling of the roman stone was required due to its deteriorated condition. New roman stone units were produced to replace the original roman stone and rebuilt to its original design.

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