the bow project - exterior facade dismantle & rebuild

Dote: 2009
Name: The Bow Project York Hotel Architects: Foster & Portners/Zeidler Partnership Architects

Exterior Facade Dismantle and Rebuild

A new 58-story mixed-use tower and complex is currently being constructed in the center of Downtown Calgary. As part of the project, Clifford was given the task to completely document, dismantle and selvage the historic York Hotel building. The brick was dismantled and palletized while the cast in place, concrete freeze and base were carefully cut free from the existing structure and will be cleaned and restored. Two of the historical facades will be rebuilt of o later date.


facade rehabilitation - phase two

Dote: June 2009 - Sept 2009
Project: Northern Secondary School Façade Rehabilitation Phase 2 South Elevation
General Contractor: Toronto District School Board Prime Architect and Historical Architect (if appl Holcrow Yolks
Description of the type of project undertaken: Restoration
Northern Secondary School is currently one of the high school buildings operated by TDSB. Locoted Mount Pleasant Road, the school teaches grades from 9 — 12. The current phase of restoration concentrate on the south elevation involving the following scope of work:
-Restore/repoir limestone surround elements with anchoring tiebacks
-Jahn repairs -Re-pointing of limestone and brick units
-Locolized brick replacement -Replacement of aluminum windows
-Installation of new shade system in the classrooms -The restoration of the building and windows of the elevation had to be completed within the summer 2009 while students were off for the summer breal approximately 90 window location, delivery of th, windows, limestone restoration and full scaffold erec the building milestone dates were very crucial to be r work was completed within the time period specified minor deficiencies to be completed in September. Clic for reference
Tasks Clifford will undertake on this project:
-Removal and reinstallation of limestone surround e with new anchoring tiebacks for the 1st, 2nd and 3r of the south elevation only
-Jahn repairs to any damaged limestone units -100% re-pointing of limestone units
-Miscellaneous re-pointing of brick units
-Localized brick replacement
-Replacement of all aluminum windows on the elevation
-installation of new shades/blinds system in all classrooms


building envelope rehabilitation

Dote of Project: September 1st, 2009
Name of Project: RC Harris Water Treatment Plant Building Envelope Rehabilitation
General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited
Prime Architect and Historical Architect: CH2MHill (Prime Architect) Taylor Hazel! Architects Limited (Historical Architect)
Description: To improve the existing building envelope of this historical water treatment plant built in the 1930's
The original plant was constructed from 1932 to 1941 (455 million liters daily) and was named after the Commissioner of Works for the former City of Toronto, Rowland Caldwell Harris. The plant was enlarged to accommodate 910 million liters of water doily when the former Metro Toronto Works assumed responsibility for water supply in 1954. This construction took place in 1955 and lasted three years.
This is Toronto's largest water treatment plant and supplies 47% of the GTA's water. Due to the Art Deco style of the building, with its marble and brass decorations, it has been used as the set of many photo shoots and films. The RC Harris Water Treatment Plant has been declared a notional historic civil engineering site.
Tasks Clifford will undertake on this project:
- Brick replacement
- Pointing (cutout tape and grout joints and repoint)
- Waterproofing/flashing (LLC)
- Limestone restoration
- New windows/doors
- New plaster work
- New vapor barriers
- New staircase, sea wall


building restoration and rehabilitation

Project: October 1st 2009
Name of Project: Edmond Place
General Contractor: Dasd Contracting
Prime Architect and Historical Architect:
Hilditch Architects (Prime Architect) Goldsmith Barge! & Company Limited Architects (Historical Architect)
Description: Reconstruction of southeast bay and rehabilitation of north and east facades
The building, located at 194 Dowling Avenue (also known as 1495 Queen Street West), is an early 20th century, three storey apartment building. For more than 10 years, the building has been standing vacant following a 1998 fire that claimed the life of Edmond Yu, who which the building was named after.
In 2006, the City of Toronto had expropriated the building from the owner and awarded it to PARC for the main purpose of developing affordable housing. In 2007, the building was designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The proposed development would see the building rejuvenated and become residential once again.
Tasks Clifford will undertake on this project:
- Scaffolding entire north and east elevations for access
- Replacement of precast stone by fabricating new cast stones to replicate existing precast stone as well as restoration of precast stone using Jahn material
- Masonry restoration including brick replacement (assume 500 units), stone step replacement, repointing to deteriorated areas indicated on the drawings and brick tinting to match original - Rebuilding south bay window of east facade (face brick and cast stone only)
- Masonry cleaning and metal flashing repairs


bishop's block - facade dismantle & rebuild

Date: 2009
Name: Living Shangri-La - Bishops Block
Architects: James K.M. Cheng Architects/ERA Architects Inc
Facade Dismantle and Rebuild
The dismantle and rebuild of the "bishop block" is part of the world renowned 65-story residential hotel 'Living Shangri-La' Toronto.
The site originally consisted of five upscale Georgian row houses built in 1829 on the west portion of the property. Clifford was brought on board for the restoration the two remaining principle facades, which involved documentation of the existing structure , dismantle/storage and rebuild as part of the overall project.


west wing masonry repairs - facade restoration

Date: 2009
Name: MaRS Centre - West Wing Masonry Repairs
Architects: Bregman & Hamann Architects
Facade Restoration
Restoration and reconstruction of the existing facade.


west wing masonry repairs - facade restoration

Date: 2009
Name: Humber College Lakeshore Campus
Architects: Taylor I Hazell Architects
Interior/Exterior Masonry and Restoration
Ongoing restoration and re-development of the Victorian style historical buildings built in the 1880s now part of the Humber College campus properties.
Clifford is providing the masonry work to upgrade the structures and restoration work to the historical facades to complement the look and maintain the historical significonce of this historic site.


pedestrian bridge reconstruction

Date: 2009
Name: Union Station
Architects: Trow Associates Inc.
Pedestrian Bridge Reconstruction
Currently working to reconstruct the beauty of the pedestrian bridge at this historic city landmark. Union Station is the busiest travel corridor in Toronto, which made this a challenging project to undertake.


masonry restoration

Date: 2009
Name: C.N.E Automotive Building
Architects: Bailey James Architects
Masonry Restoration
Restoration at the Automotive Building on the CNE grounds is a time-sensitive project due to the numerous scheduled events during the construction season. The work included masonry repair on the interior of the building. However, the exterior required great attention. The work included:
-Parapet stabilization and helical tie installation
-Cintec Anchor installation
-Parapet dismantle and rebuild
-North entrance dismantle, supply new roman stone units and rebuild
-Stabilization of the eight Juliet balconies that project from the facade


repairs & restoration

Project: January 2009
Name of Project: Casa Loma
General Contractor: Clifford Restoration Limited Prime Architect/Historical Architect: Taylor Hazel! Architects (Prime Architect)
Description of the type of project undertaken:
Structural repairs to the northeast elevation and rehabilitatior to the exterior and interior of the conservatory building.
Originally designed by Architect E.J. Lennox and built from natural and man-made stone, the castle is going through c extensive restoration face-lift. Clifford has successfully beer awarded numerous phases of the building envelope stabilization on an ongoing bases since 1994. The work included:
-Salvage and rebuild of existing facade and structures suck as the proponent chimneys incorporating new technologies for re-inforcement during the rebuild stage
-Repair and replacement of existing sandstone and romar stone units
-Restoration of existing steel windows and conservatory skylight
-Careful removal of harmful cementitous coating applied or the masonry elements during the 1970s
-Restoration of sound stones applying Jahn material tc replicate original appearance and profile.


historical facade restoration

Date: 2009
Name: 100 Yorkville Avenue
Architects: Hariri Pontarini Architect and ERA Architects
Historical Facade Restoration
The structure was stabilized and moved onto the sidewalk to allow for the new residential/retail building to be constructed. Now back in its original location, the facade will be restored to its original beauty. As well, the west return rebuilt to replicate the original fabric.


exterior facade dismantle & rebuild

Date: 2009
Name: Bay Adelaide Center
Architects: WZi\AI-I Architects and Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. Architects
Exterior Facade Dismantle and Rebuild
A Brookfield property, this historic address located at 347 Bay Street. The original building was carefully incorporated in the new design. The 11-storey historic facade of the former National Building was dismantled and rebuilt by Clifford to its 1920's grandeur.
Clifford carefully documented the existing building. The architectural roman stone elements are to be replicated along with the restoration of the Tyndall stone along the lower floors and new brick all to be rebuilt at a later stage of the project. Restoration also included the existing heritage windows and fleshings at the facade.

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